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Are you Nyden? Tag us to join the co-creation movement. Post a picture of yourself on Instagram with the hashtag #iamnyden. If the Nyden team loves your feed, we’ll fly you to LA to create a limited edition collection with our designers.

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Meet Ziggy 


Ziggy Mack-Johnson – stylist, model, blogger, host, designer, influencer and now a /Nyden Co-Creator. The 22-year-old fashion-obsessed Brooklyn native got his start at Nylon magazine as an intern then moved up to Digital and Editorial Assistant, growing and becoming somewhat of a fixture on their Snapchat and Instagram. But it’s Ziggy’s iconoclastic and authentic vibe, plus his ardent support of other creatives, that now keeps him fixed in the minds (and eyes) of his social media followers. He certainly caught the attention of /Nyden, who met up with the carefree spirit first in New York to talk style and creativity and then in Los Angeles with the design team to get working on a collection that’ll drop Winter 2018. Watch this space.