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All major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal.
As soon as you see the “Order is Complete” screen.
If your card is declined, first try again or try a different card. If it still doesn’t work, please contact your bank or card issuer.
We send everything we have available at our warehouse once you place your order and send any items that are missing once they become available at the warehouse, so you might receive two shipments. 
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Contact our customer support team at


Contact our customer support team at

There are continuous requests for sustainability performance data and unannounced visits to our suppliers. The /Nyden production teams from Stockholm and LA have many years of experience in the fashion industry and visit suppliers on a regular basis, as well. We also work with our production teams in Turkey, China, Bangladesh and Portugal, who maintain close relationships and visits with suppliers.


Read more about H&M’s Supplier Compliance and how they report.

We all know that healthy ecosystems are necessary to provide the planet with natural resources, such as clean air and water, which are essential to people, communities and businesses. To meet the needs of this generation and generations to come, the long-term health of the ecosystems must be protected by preventing harm to the environment and using natural resources responsibly. When it comes to animal welfare, we believe animals are entitled to humane treatment. This must be respected through the adoption of good animal husbandry and non-animal test methods.


Read more about H&M’s Sustainability Strategies and their full chemical restrictions.

Nyden ensures that suppliers have a healthy and safe workplace, guarantee rights at work, pay a fair living wage that meets workers’ basic needs and promote social dialogue. The Sustainability Commitment also addresses discrimination, diversity, equality, child and forced labour.


Read H&M’s full Standard and Policies and their statement on modern slavery.

Nyden works with around 25 handpicked suppliers from the H&M Group’s supplier base, chosen because they match our high and exacting standards of quality and speed. The suppliers have different levels – silver, gold and platinum – which means they not only perform with on-time deliveries, consistency and strategic capacity, but also believe and live up to the Sustainability Commitment and Code of Ethics they have signed.


See more on H&M’s Supplier Map.

Both leather pants and jackets are made out of lamb leather.
Check out our Size Guide for more information.
Our customer support team can help you identify it. Email us at and attach the image you are interested in.
No. Please read our Terms and Conditions.
Sorry to hear that! Have a look at your original order – you should find step-by-step instructions for sending back damaged, defective, or incorrect items.
You have 30 days to return any item for a full refund. The items must be sent back clean, unworn (tags still intact), and in the original packaging. You will find return policy here.
We offer free returns from within the European Union. For orders placed to countries outside Europe, we don’t offer free returns. Have a look under "Where can I get a return label" for more information.

Send the return from Europe
If you can't find one in the received parcel, contact us at and we will provide you with one.


Send the return from outside of Europe
We do not have any return labels for this. Please send the package to the address below, don't forget to add your order number #XXXXEU and your return address.  

DHL Supply Chain B.V.
Bolwerkdok 2
3433 KN Nieuwegein
The Netherlands


We don’t offer exchanges, but you can always return any items within 30 days for a full refund.

Once our warehouse receives your undamaged item(s), it will take up to 4 weeks to process everything. We’ll keep you updated via email and let you know when we are able to issue your refund.

No. If you are based outside the EU then you are responsible for taxes and import duties.
These are collected before you receive your order. Please contact the customs department in your country to find out how much taxes and duties you would have to pay.


European Union Standard shipping Express shipping
Over 80 € Free of charge 10 
Under 80 € 10  15 


Outside European Union Standard shipping Express shipping
All amounts  20  30 





Orders placed in Europe usually take 1-5 business days and international orders up to 20 business days. Check your country under "Where does Nyden ship?" below.
Yes. Once your order has left our warehouse you will receive an email with the tracking number.

We ship to the following countries:


Country Estimated delivery Standard (days) Estimated delivery Express (days)
Andorra 4-7 1
Australia 11 -
Austria 1-5 1
Bahrain 8-12 1
Belgium 1-5 1
Bulgaria 1-5 -
Canada 10 -
Chile 10-12 -
China 12-14 -
Colombia 12-16 -
Croatia 1-5 1
Cyprus 1-5 2
Czech Republic 1-5 1
Denmark 1-5 1
Egypt 8-12 -
Estonia 1-5 1
Finland 1-5 1
France 1-5 1
Germany 1-5 1
Greece 1-5 1
Hong Kong 10 -
Hungary 1-5 1
Iceland 14-16 1
Indonesia 12-15 -
Ireland 1-5 1
Italy 1-5 1
Israel 16-22 -
Japan 8 -
Kazakhstan 8-15 -
Kuwait 8-12 -
Latvia 1-5 1
Lithuania 1-5 1
Luxembourg 1-5 1
Malaysia 8-12 -
Malta 4-6 2
Mexico 11-16 -
Monaco 3-4 1
Netherlands 1-5 1
Norway 1-5 1
Poland 1-5 1
Portugal 1-5 1
Qatar 8-12 -
Russia 14-16 -
Saudi Arabia 9-13 -
Serbia 7-10 -
Singapore 6-8 -
Slovakia 1-5 1
Slovenia 1-5 1
Spain 1-5 1
South Africa 9-13 -
South Korea 10 -
Sweden 1-5 1
Switzerland 1-5 1
Taiwan 8-12 -
Thailand 12 -
Turkey 10-15 -
Ukraine 1-5 -
United Arab Emirates 8-12 -
United Kingdom 1-5 1
United States 1-5 -
Vietnam 10-14 -
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We are now taking the next exciting step in the H&M-integration by offering all our current and future co-creation products on the local H&M site. This means that we will no longer sell any of our products at


We hope that you will follow us to and keep your eyes open for coming collaboration drops!


NYDEN will still accept returns for purchases made on within a period of 30 days. For any questions, please reach out to